E + R = O

How in the world are we already at this point?  We began our season sixteen years ago, yet it feels like we just started yesterday.  How are we already embarking on the 10th game of the season?  As time goes by, each year seems to go by faster and faster.  Regardless of how seasons conclude, in terms of wins and losses, it gets tougher and tougher each year to deal with the sudden termination of a football season.  Sure, I will see these guys in the hallway and they will remain in class with me, but the extended periods of time spent with these guys always ends after the last game of the season.  That is a tough pill to swallow for this coach.  I compare it to the moment when the holidays are over and families split and all go back home.  That joyous feeling of being together comes to a screeching halt when everybody goes their separate ways, or when the last horn has sounded on a Friday night in November. 

At the end of the day, life is ALL ABOUT relationships.  That is why I started coaching 20+ years ago.  Sure, everybody wants to win and nobody likes losing.  I want to win just as much as anybody does.  However, I must say the most important part of our program is about preparing these guys for real life.  Life is full of wins and losses: sometimes more losses than wins.  However, what can we learn from the adversity life deals us? 

I love author and motivational speaker, Tim Kight and his approach to life in general.  Tim has played a major role in the success that Ohio State University Football has experienced in recent years.  Tim studied and now abides by a life-changing formula from psychotherapist, Dr. Robert Resnick.  I believe that understanding and choosing to believe in this formula can change your life.  See below:

His formula is E + R = O

EVENTS happen in life.  Sometimes these events are positive and sometimes they are everything but positive.  However, we have NO control over some events that happen in our lives. (Sickness, Accidents, Death, Job Loss, Financial, etc.)

Our RESPONSE is how we act as a result of the EVENTS that happen to or around us.  We have very little to no control over what happens in our lives, yet we do have total control over our response to those events. 

So, the EVENTS that happen to us, and our RESPONSE to those events produce the OUTCOMES we experience.  Most of us have been accustomed to the belief that OUTCOMES are tied directly to EVENTS.  However, Dr. Resnick says that couldn’t be further from the truth.  The OUTCOMES we experience are directly linked to how we RESPOND to an event.  He promotes that “owning your R” leads to true success in life.  How you RESPOND to unfortunate events in your life will have a direct effect on the OUTCOMES you experience. 

I think it’s safe to say that we have all learned from the events of this year.  It’s been tough and unlike anything we’ve ever experienced.  In life, we can play the blame game and dwell on the negatives of the events that happen in our lives, or we can choose to see the positives in every event.  My prayer is that through the events of this year, we have taught our young men the importance of our response to life’s events.  Have we been perfect in our responses?  No.  However, I am proud of our coaches, our players and our fans, and their responses to all that has happened this year.  I believe it WILL pay off one day.  If what we have gone through helps just one player respond the right way to a major event in their life down the road, then I would consider this year a success. 

I can’t thank you all for your undying support this year.  If there were ever a year to waiver or stop supporting our program this would have been the year.  Yet, we have not seen that!  In fact, you’ve showed up at home and on the road.  You’ve been just as loud this year as you have been in more successful years.  The phone calls, texts, and face-to-face conversations I’ve had have blessed me more than you know.  I am thankful beyond words for each and every one of you.

As I close this last edition of the 2017 Coach’s Corner I will leave you with this quote from Jon Gordon that excites me and fires me up for the future:

“The character you possess during the drought is what your team will remember during the harvest.”

Thank you,

Coach Shaw

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