First, I wanted to start out by thanking all of you who came and supported our Warriors on the road the last several weeks.The large amount of Warrior parents and fans that showed up at Cartersville and Etowah just speaks to the kind of fanbase and support we have here at Cherokee High School.So, as the Head Coach of this program, please know that it does not go unnoticed, and our program is very blessed by your unending support.

I am very proud of these young men and how they fought through constant adversity in last week's win over Etowah.After being up 10-0 in the 2nd quarter, within about 45 "game" seconds, we were down 12-10.However, after the half, our guys came out and scored on the 2nd play of the 3rd quarter to go up 17-12.Until the very last play of the game, we had to fight and protect our lead.I am so proud of these guys for the resolve they showed in pulling out the win in our first region game of the year.We hope to continue building on that fight and determination that we saw last Friday night.

On Monday morning, as we began preparations for our next region matchup with Roswell High School, Coach Pearce spoke to our team on the topic of Consistency.Allow me to share with you one of the key points of his talk.The title of his message to our team was "Consistency – The Grind to Greatness."

Consistent Actions Create Consistent Results

  1. In Football, we do the same drills every day.This helps our players be more consistent in whatever phase of the game they are in, be it offense, defense or special teams.A QB needs to throw every day.A WR needs to catch as many balls as possible every day.A defensive player needs to work on tackling and pursuing the ball carrier every day.Muscle memory is an important part of football.When we are consistent in the drills we do each day, our players will have a higher percentage or chance at obtaining success on Friday nights.
  2. In our occupations, there are things we need to do every day to achieve success.If you are in sales, and you aren't consistently contacting new leads or checking in with current customers, then somebody else will.You must be consistent in taking care of your current customers, as well as consistently going out to seek new business.
  3. As a husband and a father, if I am not consistent in adhering to the principles in which I lead my family, then it will make it hard for my family to depend on on me.If I am not the same in how I keep and live out our core family values each day, then how can my family trust me?How can they know and understand how I will respond to a situation, if I am not consistent as their leader?
  4. As a coaching staff, if we are not consistent in not only preaching the core values of our program, but also practicing what we preach, then how can we expect our players to live by those values?If as a coaching staff, we are consistent in how we discipline and treat our players, then our players will feel safe in this organization and know what is expected of them.

In any organization, whether at work or at home, people grow and thrive under consistency.We will find that if we are consistent in how we lead, our people will follow. Conversely, if we are inconsistent in our actions and core values, then the efficiency of our organization will suffer tremendously.Coach Pearce challenged us all to be more consistent in all we do, from the classroom, to the hallways, to our home lives, and on this team.Consistent Actions Create Consistent Results.

As I mentioned above, we have a big region game this week at Roswell High School.They are a very good football team and are 4-1 on the season.However, we love a challenge and welcome the opportunity.Our guys have had another good week of practice and that makes two very good weeks of practice in back-to-back weeks.Our guys are learning what it takes to be more consistent in how they practice each week.For that, I am extremely proud of them.

We look forward to seeing you there on Friday night.Be there!Be early and be loud!Thank you for your support and Go Warriors! #Consistency #PTC18