New Beginnings

FINALLY! We are finally to the point where we’ve all wanted to be; the beginning of the 2018 Cherokee Warrior Football Season. I cannot tell you how excited we are to get back on the field under the lights. Its time!

Since the middle of December, we’ve been working hard to erase the misfortunes and mistakes of last season. Our guys have worked their tails off all off-season. We had a tremendous spring, and an even better summer of bonding together and improving on and off the field. Since our off-season started, most of our players have increased their strength numbers in the weight room and they continue to get stronger and stronger each month. We can’t wait to see the fruits of our labor over the past several months.

Back in the early part of the year, we adopted a vision for this team. In addition to continuing to teach and push the core values of this program, we also set a goal to be the most physically and mentally tough team in the region. Becoming physically and mentally tough will benefit these young men long after their playing days are over. They will need to know how to be “tough” in all phases of their lives. From their first few weeks of college to their marriages to becoming fathers, being physically and mentally tough is something that can help them fight through and overcome the adversity that comes their way in the future.

We look forward to seeing you at North Forsyth tomorrow night. We know our fans are the best in all the state of Georgia and I can never thank you enough for the support and loyalty you show week in and week out. Our guys have had a good week of practice and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for us. Be there on time and be loud. We need your support and we thank you! Go Warriors! #PTC18

 To a New Year and a New Season 
Coach Shaw

When Adversity Knocks..... We Say Good