I think every head coach will agree that its much better to head into a bye week off a win, than it is to have a week off right after a loss.What a great night it was two weeks ago.Each of you reminded us once again, how great Friday nights are under the lights, in the fall.It was a night to remember for sure.A wonderful win for our program and a great accomplishment for our boys.I never want to take for granted just how blessed we all are to experience high school football in the South.The weather was perfect, the stadium was packed, and the 2018 Homecoming game couldn't have ended any better.I'm thankful for what we experienced that night.

Our guys enjoyed several days off during our bye week to rest up their legs, get caught up on some academic work, and get one last break before we head into the most important part of our season.We have a chance to do some special things these last few weeks and our guys are looking forward to all that is before us.This has been a great week of practice and it started off with an excellent message on Monday morning by one of our newest coaches, Coach Evans.Coach Evan spoke to our team about Passion.

He defined "passion" as a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something or about doing something.If we want to be successful in life we must be passionate about what we do.Sure, it's hard to maintain the high level of enthusiasm that passion requires, but more often than not, our days should be consumed with passion in everything we do.

Author, Jon Gordon, speaks and writes about passion.Jon says,

In today's competitive environment, your passion and your purpose must be greater than your challenges. You have to be willing to work harder, run faster, drive further, study more, practice longer, lead better, sweat more, love deeper and this requires passion.

Passion wakes you up 30 minutes earlier. It dials your phone one more time to make one more sale. It rallies your team together when times are tough. It moves you to see one more patient after a long day at the hospital. It inspires you to help a struggling student. It provides legendary customer service. Passion transforms workplaces, powers champions and fuels winning teams.

We need more passionate people in this world.We have so many negative voices and so much divisiveness that we need more positive and passionate people in our community.I firmly believe we can change the world if we live a life of positivity and passion.

Tomorrow night we play game 9 of the 2018 season.How in the world are we already at this point?It just seems like yesterday we were working out in the summer waiting for the season to finally arrive.Now here we are.We are both 2-1 in the region and are currently tied for 2nd place.Walton is a tremendous team that has been ranked all year, as high as #2 in the state.They are a well-coached and extremely talented team.They have several players that you will see playing on Saturdays in the very near future.However, we love a challenge and our guys will be ready Friday night.

We can't wait for another night under the lights at Tommy Baker.I'm getting chills just thinking about it.We hope to see you there.We need you to be there and be loud.Thank you for your support and Go Warriors! #PTC18