Cherokee Strength and Conditioning

Cherokee Strength and Conditioning

The basis of Cherokee’s strength and conditioning program is to train the “whole athlete.” This involves developing strength, conditioning, speed, agility and flexibility. Each training program prescribed is not to create body builders or power lifters, but better athletes. Our weight room houses a multitude of free weights and power racks.

The strength and conditioning staff plans and guides Cherokee athletes through their physical development. The training is sectioned into four cycles: in-season, winter conditioning, spring conditioning and summer conditioning.

Cherokee athletes must develop every aspect of their athletic ability. Cherokee’s weight program targets all factors involved in the improvement in areas listed below:

Strength and Power Development

Possessing a solid base of strength and power is the foundation to improving all aspects of performance potential. Strength and power training will be prescribed through a daily workout. The workouts are designed around a four-day split routine. These workouts are scientifically based and involve a systematic progression of training intensity. The primary objective is to provide our athletes with functional strength and power.


Peak conditioning (aerobic and anaerobic) is vital to a football player’s performance. Cherokee’s program is designed to have our players at an optimal level of conditioning. After building a base of cardiovascular endurance, the training program becomes very specific to the type of running that will be demanded of each player on the football field in the fall : short sprints (the play), followed by an interval of recovery (the huddle).

Speed Development

With all things being equal, the faster a player is on the football field, the better performer he will be. Cherokee’s speed program is designed to train all the factors that can enhance speed potential. Developing these factors will incorporate strength and power movement, plyometrics (exercises the develop explosiveness), flexibility, conditioning and technique training.

Quickness and Agility Training

The ability to respond and change direction are characteristics that are important for all positions on both sides of the ball. Agility will be trained during spring workouts through a variety of drills which involve lateral and change of direction movements, numerous foot patterns and reaction responses.


Poor flexibility is one of the most frequent causes of injury and improper movement patterns. It also is a limiting factor in agility movements and speed. Cherokee’s flexibility program is designed to increase the range of motion within the primary joints of the body. Therefore players will become less susceptible to injury, more agile and faster.