2017 Player of the Week


Week 1 – North Cobb 

Offense: Garrison Blackmon

Defense: Grant Mogelnicki

Special Teams: Grant Hornbuckle

Scout: (O) Calvin Maneiro (D) Noah Reyna

Whoopin Stick: (OL) Justin Magers (DL) Billy Sailors  

Week 2- Sequoyah

Offense:  Jared Reed

Defense: Grant Hornbuckle

Special Teams: Keagan Johnson

Scout: (O) TJ Parks (D) Will Howe

Whoopin Stick: (OL) Justin Magers (DL) Grant Hornbuckle

Week 3 -  Creekview

Offense: Demond Ellison

Defense: Dylan Filasky & Brennan Perry

Special Teams: Camren Fambrough

Scout: (O) Quienton Little (D) AJ Perales

Whoopin Stick:  (O) Casey Millsaps (D) Justus Grogan

Week 4 - Lambert

Offense:  Demond Ellison

Defense: McKinley Hunter

Special Teams: Khalil Walker

Scout: Jacob Farrell/Hunter Pendley

Whoopin Stick: (O) Garrison Blackmon (D) Justus Grogan

Week 5 - North Paulding

Offense: Brandon Bostick

Defense: Brandon Byrd

Special Teams: Blake Kenney

Scout: Richard Chen/Dylan Reid

Whoopin Stick: Justus Grogan

Week 6 - Etowah

Offense:  Khalil Walker

Defense:  Justus Grogan/Jaden Williams

Special Teams:  Dima Lynes

Scout:  Ty Swanson/Blake Phipps

Whoopin Stick:  (O) Chandler Cantrell (D) Jaden Williams

Week 7 - Walton

Offense: Demond Ellison

Defense: Grant Hornbuckle

Special Teams: Grant Mogelnicki

Scout: Sean Brubaker/Andrew Appling

Whoopin Stick: (O) Chandler Cantrell (D) Justus Grogan

Week 8 - Woodstock

Offense:  Landon Ergle

Defense:  Brennan Perry

Special Teams:  Dima Lynes/Blake Kenney

Scout:  Alex Blanco/Patrick Dahlen

Whoopin Stick: (D) Kerwin Majano

Week 9 - Lassiter

Offense:  Garrison Blackmon

Defense:  Kerwin Majano

Special Teams:  DJ Bynum

Scout:  Justin Noah/Carter Hedrick

Whoopin Stick:  (O) Garrison Blackmon  (D)  Justus Grogan

Week 10 - Roswell



Special Teams: 


Whoopin Stick: